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The origins of Lee, Roche & Kerr date back over 65 years to one of the oldest law firms in Muskoka. We are members of the local Muskoka community who value our clients and strive to create a relationship of loyalty and trust.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, dealing with an estate or involved with a construction dispute, we have a team of dedicated lawyers and law clerks to provide you with the expertise that you need.

We provide a wide variety of legal services but we are not generalists. We focus on the areas of law that we know best and that people in Muskoka need most.

We believe that makes us the best choice if you are looking for a lawyer in Muskoka.

Robert Kerr

Robert Kerr

Robert Kerr graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from McGill University and spent several years practicing as an engineer before turning his focus to law.

He has assisted clients to resolve numerous local construction disputes and understands the unique issues that a Muskoka construction project might encounter.

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Since 1963

A rich history in Muskoka and beyond.

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Legal Services

Home & Commercial Real Estate

Buying or building a home or cottage in Muskoka is especially unique, there are a number of complex real estate issues.

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Wills & Estate Planning

Preparing a will is something that most people know they should do, but it always seems to be difficult to find the time.

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Land Use Planning & Zoning

As one of the oldest law firms in Muskoka, we have successfully handled all types of property matters in our local municipalities.

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Agent For Lawyers

Lee Roche & Kerr welcomes the opportunity to assist lawyers from outside Muskoka with matters in the area.

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